Pedigree Highland Heifer for Sale

Pedigree Highland Heifer for sale

Rowanna of Doodale  UK137283 400022 – SOLD

born 4th June 2018

Rowanna is a smaller than average Highland heifer. She has a very pretty face, straight hair, and a dark muzzle and was born and raised on our farm in Malton

Rowanna was housed in the Winter of her first year and was fed some grain at that time otherwise her diet has been predominantly forage (a small amount of cattle nuts is used as a treat to encourage into cattle wagon). We do not use artificial fertiliser, pesticide or herbicide on our forage, and we have a broad blend of grass, herbs and legumes in our fields.

Rowanna is halter trained and well socialised having been through the crush many times and likes going in the cattle truck. She is happy to stand in the field and be brushed and is often persistent in getting brushed ahead of the others. Whilst being small this does not stop her being towards the top of the pecking order. She will also walk on a halter, provided there are not too many distractions.


We bought Toby as a 5 year old bull. He has a very calm temperament and excellent feet. Deep red in colour with many darker markings.


Raonaild came to us from Hellifield as an 8 year old cow. She is a typical highland cow with a slim body, long hair and a commanding set of horns. Her feet are excellent, and she has a very tidy and neat fully functioning udder aged 15. She has a very quiet temperament and has been retained in the herd beyond retirement (produced 11 calves no breaks) to look after the younger animals.

Reason for Sale

Mother, Raonaild, has been exceedingly good at giving birth to heifers – Ruby (2015), Rose (2016), Rosophia (2017) and Rowanna (2018).  We still have all 5 in our fold due to their good looks, temperament and, in the case of Ruby and Rose, good mothers and quality calves.  Rosophia will give birth in 2021 for the first time.  Sadly, we do not have the space to keep all our heifers and to ensure diversification within our fold have decided to put Rowanna up for sale.  She will make someone either a very nice pet cow or a breeding animal.  If we don’t find a new home for Rowanna she will run with the bull in 2021.

Sire - Toby of Edgewold UK132361 100017

Dam - Raonaild of Hellifield UK125078 700647

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