Pedigree Highland Bull for sale

Pedigree Highland Bull for sale

Alexander of Doodale UK137283 100012 – SOLD

Our pedigree highland bull is for sale.  Alexander is a fit and healthy young Highland bull. He has a large frame with good length, born and raised on our farm in Malton.

We estimate that he weighs between 750 and 800kg (aged 3 in summer 2020) based on tape measurement. He is still growing and is gradually filling out his frame (pasture diet only).

He has a large head with good strong horns and plenty of hair in the winter. In the summer he loses the hair on his body and develops a smooth fine coat.

Alexander has lived his entire life outside and his diet has been 99% forage based except for a few cattle nuts as treats when handling him. We do not use artificial fertiliser, pesticide or herbicide on our forage, and we have a broad blend of grass, herbs and legumes in our fields.

He will stand well on a halter and will walk confidently with a lead rope on his nose ring. He has not been to any shows and in our opinion, he would not be comfortable in a show environment. Although we obviously feel he would win many prizes!!

Alexander will stand in the field and enjoy a brush like all our cattle.

Although registered as red, we believe that he is yellow as he sired both a white and a dun calf in 2020.

Sire - Zeus of Glenkinglass UK541218 200252

Dam - Jazz of Hellifield with 2016 calf UK125078 200852

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Pedigree Highland Bull for sale

Working Life and Progeny

Alexander is very attentive with the ladies, he is a good worker and gets down to business rapidly. He sired his first calf aged 14 months (born 9.5 months later) He had a 100% success rate in his first 2 years with 66% covered first cycle and 33% second cycle. We have been pleased with his fertility and work ethic.

He has produced some good quality Highland calves that can be seen on the farm.

All our animals born and raised here at the farm have a calm temperament and will all stand in the field to be brushed and examined, although we do put them in the crush for any vaccinations.

Reason for Sale

5 of Alexanders half-sisters and his mother are part of our breeding fold.

We are also looking to keep at least 2 out of the 5 heifers that he has sired.

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Amber of Doodale born 17th June 2019  UK137283 500030

The colourful trio