Highland Cattle at The Doodales

The Doodales

The Doodales is an area of overgrown woodland designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest which was once the location for the mediaeval fishponds of Malton Priory, a Gilbertine Monastery. Our farm, Barr Farm adjoins this area and our Highland cattle graze the Abbeys Ings adjacent to The Doodales

Food Farmed Naturally in North Yorkshire

Here at Barr Farm, in Old Malton, we farm with our animals, they assist us in managing our land and our environment to naturally promote biodiversity and the regeneration of our soils.

Our Animals

We manage our animals with compassion. Their welfare is paramount. We provide them with a natural sustainable environment where they can express their natural behaviours. They have access to a rich and varied natural diet. They are well socialised, all have their own name and play an active role on the farm.

Our Land

The land is managed to regenerate the soil to grow forage for the animals and to increase biodiversity. We encourage wildlife to thrive by allowing their habitats and food sources to flourish and grow.

Our Produce

Our cattle and pigs produce delicious and nutritious meat which we sell direct from our farm gate. They eat naturally and we eat naturally.

The Doodales Environment

We maximise the use of natural sunshine and rainfall and we strive to eliminate the use of fossil fuels and plastic. We do not pollute our environment with fertilisers or chemicals. The soil, the hedges and the trees lock away carbon reducing carbon in the atmosphere. We recycle, reuse and regenerate. We do not waste anything.

Visiting The Doodales in North Yorkshire

Come and stay with us in our renovated barn that is available to let for holidays. Meet us, meet the animals and enjoy the environment.

Welcome to our sustainable farming life at The Doodales

Roger and Sally

Highland Nose at the Doodales

Balanced Diet

Amazing Wildlife

Amazing Wildlife

Wild Flower Hay Meadows

Wild Flower Hay Meadows

Our majestic Highland Cattle

Our majestic Highland Cattle