Amazing Wildlife

We grow our own hay for winter feed

With help from Natural England and our Highland Cattle we are regenerating wildflower meadows.

Highland Beef is slow maturing, lean, firm and low in fat and at the same time rich in protein and iron. The quality of the flavour, tenderness and juiciness comes from having just the right amount of marbling to give a succulent flavour typical of old fashioned beef.

We produce quality grass-fed Highland Beef, from pedigree Highland Cattle. Being primarily grass-fed rather than having a grain based diet, the meat is particularly nutritious. Our beef cattle mature naturally and are ready for slaughter around 30-36 months of age. This is often twice as long as commercial beef. To enhance flavour and tenderness, our beef is hung for 21 days prior to cutting.

Animal Welfare

At Barr Farm we breed quality pedigree Highland Cattle to the highest standards of welfare we can manage, whilst providing a natural environment. Our philosophy is prevention rather than cure and we only administer medicines where needed.

Our animals are well socialised and we interact with them on a regular basis starting at an early age. Even our animals destined for the table are entitled to a regular brush.

Whilst our animals walk many miles in their lives grazing the meadows, they don’t leave our farm during their lives. The calves suckle for around 8 months prior to weaning and live their lives outside as nature intended.

Our Environment

The cattle graze on the Abbey Ings, a species rich, flood plain of the river Derwent in Old Malton. We allow our extensive hedgerows to grow, which the cattle love to browse.  This is all well suited to the taste of the highlanders.

The cattle live in an environment where they often hear skylark hovering overhead, see barn owls hunting in the evening, deer appearing out of the mists in the early morning and the sound of curlews during their breeding season.

We run the farm with wildlife and biodiversity in mind and work closely with Natural England in their Higher Level Country Stewardship scheme.