Our cattle live outdoors all year.  They eat grass, hedges, herbs and even thistles and nettles occasionally.  In the winter their diet is supplemented by hay harvested during the summer from our wildflower meadows.

Grass fed highland beef now in stock.

To order either, use the online form below, call us on 01653 694530 or visit our outdoor market stall at Barr Farm, Old Malton between 11am & 2pm on Saturday 31st July.

Our beef and pork is butchered and vacuum packed by Hartleys at Tholthorpe or McIntyres at Leyburn.   All beef and pork is frozen.

Next fresh beef available end September, next fresh pork available end October.

Payment by card preferred

Numbers only, no spaces

Typical contents -1 large silverside joint, 1 small topside joint, 1 pack of 2 sirloin steaks, 1 pack of 2 rump steaks, 2 packs of braising steak, two 500g packs diced top rump, 1 pack four burgers, 1 pack shin, 1 highland beef steak pie, two 500g packs mince

Available to order for collection in September

Typical contents - 500g pack braising steak, 500g pack beef mince, 1 highland beef pie

Well marbled and tasty - sold in packs of 2 steaks

£31/kg, typically £16 - £18 per pack of 2 steaks

Quick and easy to cook, ideal for a steak sandwich - typically sold in 200g packs

£15/kg, £2.70-£3.30 per pack

A fantastic alternative roasting joint with proper succulent flavour

£20/kg, just 2 joints left - 845g (£16.90) & 870g (£17.40) serves about 3.

Traditional roasting joint

£15/kg, large joint serves 6 (1.5-1.9kg) £22-£28

Boned and rolled, marbled for flavour, best slow roasted

£13/kg, large joint serves 4/5 (1.3kg) £17-£18

Slow oven roast, no bone, good sliced cold for sandwiches

£13/kg, large joint serves 6 (1.5-1.7kg) £20-£22 or small serves 4 (1.2kg) £16

Cook slowly for the perfect casserole, sold sliced

£11.50/kg sold in approximately 500g - 600g packs(£6-£7)

Short ribs are a bone-in cut, good for slow cooking


Diced ready for pies, casseroles and curries

£10/kg, sold in 500g packs at £5

Lean and diced perfect for casseroles and pies

£12/kg, sold in 500g packs at £6

Bone in shin, cook slowly, the marrow melts from the middle and the meat falls from the bone, sold sliced

£10.50/kg just 1 pack left - £5.57 (530g)

Requires long, slow braising, sold sliced

£10.50/kg sold in approximately 600g packs

Ideal for BBQs

Four 150g burgers per pack £5.75 - just 2 packs left

Very versatile - cottage pie, lasagne, bolognaise, meat balls...

£9/kg, sold in 500g packs at £4.50 each or 3 packs for £12
£12/kg, just 1 pack left - 370g (£3.52)

Made by Fletchers in Norton using our Highland Beef

Contain gluten

£6.50 each or 2 pies for £12.50, sold uncooked and frozen, cook from frozen, serves 3 or 2 hungry people
boneless £10/kg, Just 1 left - £13.35

£10/kg, Just 1 left - £13.55

£1 per pack, 250g per pack

just 1 pack - 2.005kg - £10

whole tongue - just one - 1.235kg - £5

£1 per pack, 300g per pack

2 kidneys per pack, £1 per pack
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What happens next

  • Once your order has been prepared, we will send you a secure electronic payment link along with an order summary by SMS or email.  Please call us to discuss if you have any concerns with this method. If you do not receive an email within 24 hours, please call us to confirm that we have received your order.
  • Once payment has been received we will send you collection details by email.