Pedigree Highland Heifer for sale

Pedigree Highland Heifer for sale

Amber of Doodale  UK137283 500030 – SOLD

born 17th June 2019

Amber is a good size Highland heifer. She has a long body, with a pretty face, smallish horns and straight hair, born and raised on our farm in Malton. She is registered red but may be yellow.

having lived her entire life outside, her diet has been 99% forage with a small amount of cattle nuts used as bribery. We do not use artificial fertiliser, pesticide or herbicide on our forage. Our fields have a broad blend of grass, herbs and legumes.

Amber is halter trained and well socialised having been through the crush many times and is also familiar with the cattle truck. She is happy to stand in the field and be brushed, however she would need some extra work to walk consistently on the halter.


Alexander of Doodale – read more here


We purchased Andrea as a yearling heifer from Ruston Fold. She is a deep red colour with a dark muzzle and some dark red markings. Andrea is a larger than average sized cow with a long body and has produced larger than average, mainly red, calves. Her feet are good and she produces a plentiful supply of milk from a balanced udder. She is very aware of her surroundings and is the herd lookout.

Reason for Sale

We are approaching our maximum capacity and would prefer to sell good heifers for breeding rather than selling them for beef.

Pedigree Highland Bull for sale

Sire - Alexander of Doodale UK137283 100012

Dam - Andrea of Rushton UK130174 500022

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