Raelie of Doodale

Pedigree Highland Heifer for sale

Raelie of Doodale  UK137283 200034

born 27th April 2020

Raelie is a fit and healthy young Highland heifer. She is a good size for her age, with a square rear end, born and raised on our farm in Malton. Raelie is relaxed with human company and has not yet worked out what pecking order is. She is a deep red colour like her mother.

Raelie has lived her entire life outside and her diet has been 100% forage (plus milk). We do not use artificial fertiliser, pesticide or herbicide on our forage, and we have a broad blend of grass, herbs and legumes in our fields.

Raelie is not yet halter trained and is still suckling with her mother. We expect her to naturally wean during February/March and we will then separate her from her mother. Our plan is to socialise her and halter train in the spring. We will also ensure she is comfortable walking into a cattle truck and through a crush.


Alexander of Doodale – read more here


Ruby was our first heifer calf born at our farm. She is a deep red colour, with a strong set of horns. She is a larger than average sized cow and has produced a lot of milk from a good sized udder. Her feet are good and have not had any issues so far. She has a calm temperament but can be very vocal (noisy) at times.

Ruby, grandmother Raonaild of Hellifield and currently sire, Alexander, can all be seen at our farm.

Raelie with mother, Ruby

Reason for Sale

Much as we would like to keep every quality breeding heifer that our lovely cows produce, we are approaching our maximum capacity and would prefer to sell good heifers for breeding rather than selling them for beef.

Raelie and her best friend Annabelle (also for sale) will make a lovely breeding duo or pair of pets for someone looking to add two stunning heifers to their established fold or just starting out with a new fold.

Pedigree Highland Bull for sale

Sire - Alexander of Doodale UK137283 100012

Dam - Ruby of Doodale UK137283 500002

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Raelie on the right with Annabelle in the centre and Andrea on the left