Our Wildlife

We manage our farmland to attract wildlife.

Roe Deer

A small group of about 4-6 roe deer roam the fields and can often be seen in the distance at dusk and dawn.  In the past few years, the doe has given birth to one or more kids in late spring.  Initially the kids are well hidden in the long grass but as summer progresses we often get glimpses of the kids playing in the fields.  You can read more about roe deer here.

Amazing Wildlife


In 2012 the RSPB visited Barr Farm as part of the Volunteer & Farmer Alliance initiative.  The RSPB produced a list of all species that they saw or heard.  We were surprised to find that 42 species were recorded, of which 18 are on the ‘Birds of Conservation Concern‘ list.  Their list included: linnet; skylark;song thrush; yellowhammer; curlew; kestrel; reed bunting; swallow; willow warbler; pheasants.

We’ve no expertise in Ornithology but have seen a few more birds to add to the list.  In April 2017, this tawny owl was spotted sat on a branch in one of the old oak trees.  It was very obliging and stayed long enough for us to get our camera out.  We often see a barn owl flying alongside the hedges at dusk and have had many sightings of a sparrow hawk.

Other wildlife include foxes and many rabbits.