We have been hosting farm visits for learning disabled adults and children since 2012.

We currently work with two local orgaisations:

The Croft

Within walking distance of Barr Farm is The Croft, a local community for learning disabled adults.  We regularly have community members visit the farm for a morning of structured activity.

Our Monday morning “Moo-Crew” focus on the cattle.  The most popular activity is brushing the cattle.  The cows or calves take it in turns to be secured and then the brushing can begin.  This is a very relaxing time for both the cattle and the community members.  It is beneficial for the community members to have close contact with the animals and it also means the cattle become well socialised.

The “Moo-Crew” brushing the calves during the winter months

Ryedale Special Families

Ryedale Special Families supports families of children and young adults with disabilities, special needs and illness.  This registered charity is based across the road from Barr Farm.  We have visits from groups of children from Ryedale Special Families throughout the year.

The most popular activity is our Autumn Halloween trail.  This involves following clues through the woodland to find Ghoulish / Ghostly items. If the children find all the clues then they will also find the treasure.