Covid 19

Our aim is to provide our guests with a homely cottage whilst minimising the risks of exposing both our guest and our-selves (when cleaning) to Covid-19.

In order to achieve this, we are:

  • Leaving the cottage empty for a minimum of 4 nights between guests leaving and new guests arriving.
  • Implementing an enhanced cleaning routine.

Given the greater cleaning requirements we have had to make some changes:

  • Crockery and Cutlery – we have reduced the numbers of cutlery, crockery and kitchen utensils available in the cottage. This enables us to wash everything either in the dishwasher or with Milton solution so that you know that these items are clean and safe to use.
  • Cleaning – in addition to our normal high standard of cleaning, high touch items such as door handles, light switches, keys etc. are sprayed with an anti-viral cleaner. We leave a cleaning spray in the cottage for your use should you want to clean any surfaces yourself on arrival or during your stay.  This product can be used safely on all surfaces in the cottage, including kitchen items, and is more effective than anything you can buy in the supermarket.  It is bleach and fragrance free.  Please do not bring any bleach sprays with you as it may damage the cottage furnishings.
  • Soft Furnishings – cushions and throws have been removed to help reduce cleaning.
  • Bedding – all bedding, including duvet protector, mattress and pillow protectors are changed and laundered between guests. As we have 2 sets of everything, the set on your bed will have been laundered 2 weeks prior and the only people who will touch it; will be Roger or myself.  We wear gloves whilst making the bed.  We have 2 sets of pillows and rotate these at changeover.
  • Visitors – our terms and conditions ask that our cottage guests do not have visitors, in the past, we have allowed some flexibility. However, in the current situation and given that we have an elderly person also living on site, we must ask that the no visitor rule is strictly adhered to.
  • Information Books – we have removed most of our information leaflets and have 2 copies of essential information which are swopped over at each changeover. Our website gives links to local attractions and places to eat.  Please feel free to ask either of us if you would like any local information.
  • Books and Games – we have left these in the cottage. They will not have been touched for 3 days prior to your stay.

Social Distancing

  • Check-in – unless you inform us otherwise, we will pop out to say hello, observing suitable social distancing, when you arrive.  We will not enter the cottage.
  • Whilst you are here – if you have any queries or issues whilst you are here, please email, text or phone us.
  • Check-out – please leave the key and gate fob in the cottage. If you phone us when you are ready to leave, we will let you out of the entrance gate.

We are happy to share our risk assessment on request.